Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reading Suggestion: An Officer or a Gentleman: A Resonics Short by J.R. Calvo

Here's a shameless plug for a story story that my awesome boyfriend wrote and has published as an ebook.


In the distant future, our hubris brings about the Reaping, a cataclysm tearing the world asunder, spewing forth silver dust. This silver enables a new breed of sonic tech to rise, everything from lights to weapons. Meanwhile, two factions wrestle to save what's left of the world, the Paladins and the Rebels. Behind their power struggle, lies a technique re-emerging for those who would listen... 

Or a better way to describe it is sonic jedi vs. mech warrior sith! :)

Check it out on Smashwords or for the Amazon Kindle. And look for a much larger and epic story to be published set in this world coming soon!

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