Monday, May 3, 2010

Interesting Writing Websites

So instead of studying for finals I did some looking around and found some interesting writing websites worth a look at

Flash Fiction Forums
Notebook in Hand
Websites for Writers

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guardian Angel

My mom always said that I would find my guardian angel when I needed him the most. What she didn't say was that I would find him drunk under a table at the pub last Thursday. It was last call and I was cleaning the tables in the far corner. Something knocked on the underside of the table.

"Hey, you," I leaned down to look under the table. He reeked of rum. "Yeah, you, do you believe in angels?" His speech slurred as he crawled out from under the table. Was he seriously trying that pick-up line on me?

"Not really," I went back to cleaning while he stumbled into a chair and sat down unceremoniously.

"This gonna be a lot harder if you don't believe me," He put his elbows on the table and pointed a finger at me and rested his chin in his other hand. That wasn't enough to keep his head up. He then promptly sat up. "I am," He put both hands on his chest and patted it. "Your guardian angel." He grinned at me

"Yeah, and I'm the Queen of England," I turned away and called to the bartender, "This one needs a cab."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Smashwords Profile

I started my own smashwords profile and have published a short ebook with four flash fiction fantasy stories on it.

Wishes and Fate
This is series of fantasy flash fiction. Ever wonder what happens when you don't make a wish at wishing well? Perhaps Snow White's step mother wasn't really evil. Don't shoot Fate's Messenger. And sometimes Death and Eternity fight like siblings. 

Check it out

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reading Suggestion: An Officer or a Gentleman: A Resonics Short by J.R. Calvo

Here's a shameless plug for a story story that my awesome boyfriend wrote and has published as an ebook.


In the distant future, our hubris brings about the Reaping, a cataclysm tearing the world asunder, spewing forth silver dust. This silver enables a new breed of sonic tech to rise, everything from lights to weapons. Meanwhile, two factions wrestle to save what's left of the world, the Paladins and the Rebels. Behind their power struggle, lies a technique re-emerging for those who would listen... 

Or a better way to describe it is sonic jedi vs. mech warrior sith! :)

Check it out on Smashwords or for the Amazon Kindle. And look for a much larger and epic story to be published set in this world coming soon!

I always believed that fireflies were faeries

The picture was taken by my mother. The words are a poem I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy!

Snow White's Stepmother

They saw me hand her the apple. After that, there was no way anyone would believe that she was the bad see. Hunted, I am. Things weren’t always like this.

I was fair once. So fair and beautiful the King chose me for his bride after his wife died. That’s when I met the little brat—all wide-eyed, pale skinned and innocent looking. She had us all wrapped around her finger. It only got worse as she grew older. Beauty and power was what she craved. With the snap of her fingers and the sway of her body, it was granted to her. She had more power than I did. More power than her father.

When she sent her father to his death, I became a threat. The girl had such a taste for wild game and her father got her everything she wanted. It was no surprise he left with his hunting team that morning. I swear the child knew exactly what would happen to him.

Later than day, they brought his corpse back. He had fallen down a ravine and rocks had crushed his body. The girl showed no more emotion than if a fly fell dead in front of her. Her eyes met mine and I knew it was only a matter of time before I was next. This time came when she was besotted with suitors—seven to be exact.

Handsome young men, they were. But the devilish creature wasn’t pleased by them. She wanted more. It wasn’t enough to be Queen and have handsome men fawn over her. She wanted a Prince. What better way to gain the sympathy of such a man than to vilify her stepmother? Oh, the tales she must have whispered to him.

First, the lace bodice that nearly took all the air out of her. An old woman sold it to her. The bodice did, however, look exceptionally beautiful on her slender young frame.

“Tighter, you fools,” Snow White panted. She braced herself against the wall as her servants pulled the laces ever tighter. “I must be thinner for the Prince to like me!” The words echoed down the hall. I was brushing my hair when I heard the girl fall to the floor. I rushed to her room to help. I was the only one that had the sense to cut the bodice to allow air into her breathless body.

Later, I found out that the whole incident was blamed on me. Somehow, I turned into the old woman and sold her the bodice of death.

Next, was the comb. It was one of my combs. I had worn it many times so no one could mistake it for anyone else’s. The brat stole it from me to wear on an outing with the Prince. I can only imagine what happened.

As the Prince pulled the comb out of her hair, she came back to life. Her eyes narrowed as she sees the comb. “My stepmother is trying to kill me. The bodice and now a poison comb. Her own comb, nonetheless.”

She was always the little actress. As though I had the knowledge to poison a comb. But no one will believe me now because of that damn apple.

We were in the apple orchard, she and I. On the ground was the most peculiar apple. I picked it up to examine it.

“What is that, dear stepmother?” Her tone was innocent and sweet. I held up the apple for her to see. One half was a brilliant red while the other half was green.

“Let’s half it, stepmother. May I have the red half?” I cut the apple in half and handed her the red half.

“Snow White?” Her Prince entered the orchard along with her other suitors as the girl took a bite of the apple. That was the moment I was done for. She fell to the ground choking in the thralls of death.

“You!” The Prince called as he ran to Snow White.

I froze for a moment and then gathered my wits. I ran. I ran until my feet could take me no further. I only hope that’s far enough.